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Technology and visionary services for Tennis



UbiqLine is a company made up only by professionals with long term and qualified experience in the IT services, especially in the top tennis events. The Ubiqline team has been linked with the top tennis tournament through a continuous proficient collaboration since 2002.


We would like to briefly underline here some of the advantages in choosing UbiqLine:


  • Our tennis desinged softwares are TOP level: our developers are the same people who developed the forst version of the official software for live scoring ATP/WTA. Our technical director, Theo Lindebaum, is the IT technical advisor for Wimbledon.


  • We have enthusiastic feedbacks from clients; UbiqLine is very successful with 24 new international tournaments which have chosen our services in the last 3 years.


  • UbiqLine hires only highly experienced people, please check out our Credential Page.