UbiqLine offers customers rental and installation of LED screens. LED screens allow spectators to feel part of the main event, whether they are able to secure stadium seats or not. LED screens also provide a perfect focal point, creating a central gathering place, facilitating increased advertising, food court & vendor sales.



UbiqLine can organize and manage all media content seamlessly through their advanced production systems. Programming can be scripted, edited, pre-loaded and ready to go, completed with transitions. Further additions can be added during the event.


This production capability can transform any collection of still images, videos, camera feeds & ad spots into a truly enjoyable viewing experience.


Video Production content samples

• Scores on court

• Scores from other courts (when players are seated, clock stopped)

• Video clips, vignettes

• Sponsor logos and messages

• Schedule of play

• Start of match

• Biographies

• Head to Head




UbiqLine offers customers rental and installation of Scoreboards. Depending on the nature of their tournaments, this benefit can be implemented in partnership with the German company Screenrent.


The tournament organizers have a "package" covering all services and, therefore, a single contact.


For you with customized graphics



Connected to the UbiqLine system, the speed measurement is automatic and requires no human intervention.


By the end of the point, the system is "armed" for the next service.


All speeds are stored in a database, which enables the UbiqLine statistics to be available to the tournament.









The side-banner are more and more a «must» for all sport events, Ubiqline proposes its software for side-banner specifically developed for tennis events: the sponsor logo animation and rotation are synchronized with chair umpire PDA!


Side banners not only help create a dazzling environment for the event but also can provide a fantastic revenue generator through advertising sales.


No matter if an event needs content management & operation or systems rental, Ubiqline can provide the solution.



On tournaments, UbiqLine installs and manages information panels: order of play, stadium signage, event draws, highlighting sponsors in the form of video clips or logos.


Ubiqline produces stunning custom graphic screens used to display automated scoring information throughout the venue and the outside world.




Big venue with thousands of people and fans are looking for the best path to reach their tennis heroes, sometimes it is a hard job. UbiqLine direction tower is the answer; it allows visitors to find the desired court easily and quickly.


UbiqLine direction towers shows the shortest path to the desired court on LED screens and monitors.




UbiqLine provides a complete system for the player practice schedule. Our system provides real time information on the practice courts for the happiness of tennis fans. Our system could be shown in LED wall, monitor, internet, mobile system and TVs’.