UbiqLine offers customers rental and installation of video walls. Depending on the nature of their tournaments, this benefit can be implemented in partnership with the German company Screenrent.

The tournament organizers have a "package" covering all services and, therefore, a single contact.



With its partner Keyyo - expert in producing TV graphics - UbiqLine offers broadcasters an automatic display of scores and statistics of a tennis match system.





Tennis Gate is an Italian company that is dedicated to providing media coverage of sporting events at 360 degrees.

The working methodology adopted ranges from classic press office service to an approach focused on social networks.


Tennis Gate is an interactive and dynamic reality that intends to exploit the multimedia content products to promote the sporting event and simultaneously offer a showcase to the venue hosting the event.


Tennis Gate makes flexibility its strong point : the solutions offered are divided into five different blocks , it is then up to the customer to dial the range of services on which you want to rely.